Olympus Peaks Financial, LLC, (OPFL), is an all-encompassing financial services company.  Troy Maxfield, founding member, established OPFL for the purpose of creating a better way to service clients.  Troy had previously worked for a larger company and found that there were many restrictions in place which prevented him from giving the experience and service he felt his clients deserved.  

Each client’s needs are different.  We have the mentality that client’s come first and create customized plans to help achieve their financial goals.  We work to maintain and improve our client’s financial health through sound investment and careful planning.  We consider goals, timing & tolerance when creating a customized plan to help you achieve success in planning your financial future.  Financial plans are included for every client.   

Olympus Peaks Financial provides a wide range of services including investment management in Bonds, Common stock, Educational IRAs, Brokerage Accounts, Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, SEP IRAs, Simple IRAs, Treasury Bills, Government Securities and Treasury Notes.  We also provide financial planning services of Retirement Planning, Tax Plans, 401 (k) Planning, 403 (b) Planning, College Plans, Estate Plans, Money Purchasing Plans and Profit-Sharing Plans.