Our Firm

At Olympus Peaks Financial we realize that each client's needs are different.  We have the mentality that clients come first, always, and create customized plans to help them achieve their financial goals.  We work to maintain and improve our client's financial health through sound investment and careful planning.  We consider goals, time, risk, and tolerance when creating a customized plan to help them achieve success in planning their financial future.

Olympus Peaks Financial is a full service financial planning firm that looks to provide each client with a holistic picture of their current financial stability and plan for their future.  Our goal is to provide each person with a complete, comprehensive and understandable plan as to their financial future.  The firm also provides a wide range of specialized services including investment management in Bonds, Common stock, Educational IRAs, Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, SEP IRAs, Simple IRAs, Treasury Bills, Government Securities, and Treasury Notes.  We also service Retirement Plans, 401 (k) Plans, 403 (b) Plans, 529/College Saving Plans, Money Purchasing Plans, and Profit-Sharing Plans.  We are also able to provide in-depth Tax Planning as well as Estate Planning services, with the help of third party professionals.   

If you have any questions about your current financial situation or wish to schedule an appointment, send us an email or give us a call at 801-566-3510