Career Opportunities

Olympus Peaks Financial is an all-encompassing financial services company.  We are a firm established by actual advisors who manage their own books of business.  This means that we are constantly focused on streamlining all processes to make things simpler for our advisors.  The firm was founded with the purpose of creating a better way to service our clients.   

We offer a potential advisor freedom from the cookie cutter world of financial advising.  We allow our brokers to focus on building and refining their clientele and we take care of all the back office and compliance work.  Essentially, we let them do what they got in the business to do while we support them in every aspect along the way.  We have partnerships with attorneys and accountants in order to facilitate an easy working relationship and provide all the services necessary to complete a comprehensive financial plan. 

We are expanding our business and seeking established advisors who are looking for a better way to provide top notch service to their clients while avoiding the hassles of compliance with products they do not want to use.  Ideally, we would be looking for an advisor who would like to add to and join an already thriving business.  If we could combine efforts and streamline our processes, we could help each other to prosper and grow. 

Interested advisors must have 5+ Years of advising experience and have an established clientele base.  A technical competence with qualified retirement plans, investment accounts, tax strategy, insurance, corporate structure, real estate, and personal finance is also a must.  We have the experience and contacts needed to meet any need our advisors might have.  It is expected that they follow through on commitments, know how to prioritize tasks, are goal oriented, comfortable with technology, and are extremely organized.  We also expect all advisors to adhere to the higher, fiduciary standard of care for their clients.  In our Practice clients come first, always. 

Financial Advisors succeed by demonstrating a unique combination of ambition, self-motivation and commitment to establishing long-term client relationships.  They’re confident and possess the ability to think critically, with sound judgment.  We expect these traits to be up front and present in any advisor looking to join our firm. 

If you are interested please contact us by calling (801) 566-3510, or by email,